Laurent Journot

Laurent Journot, PhD Research Director, CNRS

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Scientific interests and expertise

  • Genetic control of proliferation, quiescence, differentiation and programmed cell death
  • Parental genomic imprinting
  • Physiological functions of imprinted genes
  • Gene engineering, transcriptomics

The proliferation of a cell population is regulated by a balance between cell division, growth arrest, differentiation and programmed cell death. A network of genes, including cell cycle regulatory genes, proto-oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes have emerged which play major roles in normal physiological processes, such as development and ageing, as well as in various pathological conditions, such as neoplasia and neurodegenerative disorders.

My main interest is in genes that modulate the equilibrium between proliferation, quiescence, differentiation and apoptosis. I initially focused on G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) that alter proliferation and/or differentiation through the activation of an intricate array of signalling pathways. More recently, I worked on the functions of genes that are regulated by genomic imprinting, an atypical, epigenetic mechanism of gene regulation.

Selected publications